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The CGPA To Percentage Calculator takes away the hassle of manually converting your CGPA into a percentage by simplifying the process with just a click. 

This valuable tool saves time, and effort, and eliminates the chances of making errors in calculations – especially if you’re dealing with complex grading systems or multiple courses. 

With just your CGPA input, this calculator instantly provides you with an accurate percentage equivalent.

Basic Example To Use CGPA To Percentage Calculator

Sure, here’s a basic example of how to use the CGPA to Percentage Calculator you provided, with some dummy values:

Step 1: Select the grading system you’re using from the dropdown. You have options like 4.00, 5.00, or 10.00. Let’s choose “4.00” for this 


Step 2: Enter your CGPA in the box provided. For this example, let’s say your CGPA is 3.5.

After choosing the grading system and entering your CGPA, click the “Calculate” button.

The result will appear on the page. It will look like this:

  • Your Grading System: 4.00 
  • Your CGPA: 3.5  
  • CGPA To Percentage: 87.50% 

In this result, you can see that your CGPA of 3.5 has been converted to an equivalent percentage of 87.50% based on the selected grading system of 4.00.

If you want to redo the calculation with different values or clear the result, click the “Recalculate” button, and the result will disappear, allowing you to enter new values.

CGPA To Percentage Calculator Formula

The formula used in the CGPA to Percentage Calculator is quite straightforward:

Equivalent Percentage = (CGPA / Grading System) * 100


  • Equivalent Percentage is the percentage equivalent of the given CGPA.
  • CGPA is your Cumulative Grade Point Average.
  • Grading System is the selected grading scale, which can be 4.00, 5.00, or 10.00, depending on the system you choose in the calculator.

Final Thoughts

The CGPA to Percentage Calculator is a valuable tool for students and professionals alike. 

It provides an easy and efficient way to convert CGPA scores into percentage grades, eliminating the need for manual calculations. 

This calculator can save time and reduce errors, ensuring accurate grade conversions every time. 

Whether you are a student applying for further education or a professional seeking job opportunities, this tool can help you accurately represent your academic performance.