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The Marks to CGPA calculator is undoubtedly a user-friendly tool that has revolutionized the way students calculate their grades.

This handy tool instantly converts your marks into CGPA, saving you valuable time and energy.

Its user-friendly features make it accessible to all while providing customizable options to cater to various university requirements.

Basic Example To Use The Marks To CPGA Calculator

Here’s a basic example of how to use the “Marks to CGPA Calculator” you provided:

  1. There are two input fields:
    1. “Total Grade Points”: Enter the total of your obtained grade points. For example, let’s say you obtained 350 grade points.
    2. “Total Number of Subjects”: Enter the total number of subjects for which you have grade points. For example, let’s say you have grades for 7 subjects.

After filling in these values, click the “Calculate” button.

The calculator will perform the calculation and display the results in the table below, including:

  • “Total Grade Points”: 350 (or the value you entered)
  • “Total Number Of Subjects”: 7 (or the value you entered)
  • “Your CGPA”: The calculated CGPA based on the values you entered. For example, “Your CGPA is 50.00” (or the calculated CGPA based on your values).

If you want to recalculate with new values, click the “Recalculate” button.

You can repeat the process as many times as needed with different values. Please note the disclaimer provided at the bottom: “Don’t Rely On The Calculator Do It Manually Too.”

This calculator helps you quickly estimate your CGPA based on the total grade points and the number of subjects you’ve taken.

Marks To CGPA Calculator Formula.

The formula for calculating CGPA in a simplified way is:

CGPA = Total Grade Points / Total Number of Subjects


  • CGPA is the Cumulative Grade Point Average, which represents your overall academic performance.
  • Total Grade Points is the sum of all the grade points you’ve obtained in various subjects or courses.
  • Total Number of Subjects is the count of the subjects or courses for which you have grade points.

The calculator takes the input values for “Total Grade Points” and “Total Number of Subjects,” divides the total grade points by the total number of subjects, and then displays the result as the CGPA. 

Final Thoughts

The marks to CGPA calculator is a useful tool for students to convert their marks into the CGPA system.

It simplifies the process and provides an accurate representation of their academic performance.

By using this calculator, students can easily track their progress and set goals for improvement.

Additionally, it eliminates any confusion or ambiguity that may arise when converting marks from one system to another.

Overall, the marks to CGPA calculator is a valuable resource that can help students better understand and navigate their academic journey.

Take advantage of this tool today to enhance your educational experience and achieve your academic goals!